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This page features food that I have  enjoyed in different regions of the world where that food is most commonly found because it is usually indiginous to that area or has been developed in that region. Oh, and there will be several photos of Huevos Rancheros because it is my favorite breakfast and each New Mexican restaurant has its own version. I compare Huevos Rancheros in many restaurants but I am posting here only those I like the best and will eat again on a regular basis. 

New Mexico has several traditional breakfasts. My favorite New Mexican breakfast is Huevos Rancheros. I think they were invented in southern California but I suspect they are more traditional in New Mexico. Just about every New Mexican restaurant that is open for breakfast will have Huevos Rancheros. Papa Felipes is a New Mexican restaurant that is NOT open for breakfast but they still have Huevos Rancheros on their menu. In fact, they have TWO versions of Huevos Rancheros. Anyway, the Huevos Rancheros pictured here are at LITTLE ANITAS Restaurant. I rate this version a B+ because the meal is excellent with hash browns that are not too greasy, flavorful refried beans, and the two eggs cooked just like I like them and they have the corn tortillas on the bottom of everything which I prefer over flour tortillas on the bottom, but I prefer Huevos Rancheros with whole beans and papitas. Although this version comes with hash browns instead of papitas and refried beans instead of whole beans, I will continue to eat them here because Little Anitas is a restaurant that participates in the Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Sky-Miles Program 🛫🛬. In New Mexico, most traditional meals will include the question ;"With red, green, or christmas"?. I ordered this Huevos Rancheros with christmas style of chili sauce. The red chili sauce is closer to me and the green chili sauce is on the far side of the plate.


A restaurant that participates in the Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer Sky-Miles Rewards  Program.

Here is a view of part of the dining room at Papa Felipes. My appetizer of Guacamole, the chips and salsa, and the Margarita have already arrived. These are all traditional to New Mexican cuisine and many New Mexican restaurans will give a free basket of chips with salsa automatically.

At PAPA FELIPES' you can get several versions of Huevos Rancheros because they will ask you more than how you want your eggs cooked and what chili sauce you want. You can choose what two sides you want and the choice will be from several possibilities like Papitas, Whole Beans (the two I have here), Mexican Style Corn, Spanish Rice, or Refried Beans. I also rate this Huevos Ranchers a B+ because, although all the ingredients are very delicious here, their version comes with the flour tortilla on the bottom and I prefer the corn tortilla. At least the flour tortilla was folded up so it did not get soggy which is something they will do if they are covered with all the ingredients which is something you do not want

Many New Mexican restaurants will also serve Flan because it is very traditional to Latin American cuisine. It is a custard made with milk, egg, and some kind of sweetener. The sauce on top is a caramel sauce. The milk is usually a condensed milk that may already have the sweetener in it. Cinnamon is also usually sprinkled on it. As you can see here, there is Cinnamon sprinkled all over the flan and the plate. .