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What I See From Mountain To Sea

I have read several  times that it is very important to start my book or website with an engaging and interesting first line to draw potential readers in. I guess I am not a good writer or blogger because I do not seem to be able to find good, interesting, engaging, captivating lines to interest many readers in my literary labors. Maybe I should record many first lines from books so I can possibly assimilate the ability to write a good first line? Can I  find wisdom that way? Will I finally discover the Holy Grail? This page will show my attempt to assimilate the wisdom of first line writing by practicing the writing of previously written first lines:

I am living at the Villa Borghese.

I guess I could start my writing with "I live at the Winrock Villas but Winrock Villas don't have the allure that a famous sounding place like Villa Borghese does, which in reality, illicits a real place in Rome rather than in Paris which is where Henry Miller lived while writing this book.

Then there was the bad weather.

Well that is certainly a unique first line. I would never have thought to begin my writing with a sentence as if we were already in the middle of a conversation. It seems I may be mentally stuck in a very narrow intellectual box.🤔 Ernest Hemingway then went on to describe a wintry scene at Place Contrescarpe which makes me wish I could live in Paris every September. 😄...........................................................................................CALL ME ISHMAEL................

Call me Ishmael. ...This is the first sentence of Moby Dick, or the White Whale. I noticed that the first 2 first lines are both quite short. I decided to record this first line for my third choice because it is very short indeed. If that is what I need for a good first line, I could write Call me Michael. I don't know, that does not seem to work so well for me. The result is not so iconic. It does provide a sense of familiarity as does Call me Ismael but to copy Herman Melville may be plagiarism. And as a biblical figure, my name illicits a completely different perspective than does "Ishmael" which is a character of isolation whereas Michael is a heroic archangel character which is not my role in life or in my writings.