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As I work on writing and publishing my book, I will provide some pages of the first chapters on this website. The page called INDIA includes some of chapter 5 of my book. The page called MY STORY IN POETRY includes some of the poetry that will be found in my book. I am an amateur but I try. And I must admit that I am not a true flâneur because I always seem to have an agenda and at least one destination to reach as a result of the walks I take. The true flânerie has no agenda for their walks like I always do. Their walks exist for the walks and only for the sake of the walks. The last times I walked like that were when I was 13 and 14 years old as I was accustomed to walking all day between the river and the range of cliffs with caves just south of Florence, Colorado. I walked for miles, alone, just to walk.

Climbing the boulders in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Sandia Peak.

Curr Reservoir. This reservoir is part of the property of the Country Club of Colorado. If you are visiting the Stratmoor area or Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, you can very easily arrive here for fly fishing or bait casting. You may catch Channel Catfish or you may catch a couple species of Trout. Oh, and the weather here in August is wonderful. Rain is minimal and the elevation is high enough to keep the heat from becoming too oppressive. We experienced perfect temperatures when we visited Colorado Springs in August.

This sculpture is outside of the Pioneers Museum of Colorado Springs. It depicts a farmer who lived in Security which is a southern suburb of Springs. During his lifetime, he gave away hundreds of thousands of pumpkins to the children. His name was Domenico Venitucci, also known as The Pumpkin Farmer. .

On the Seine looking towards lle de la cité If I remember correctly, I am standing on Pont de les Arts.

L'île de Cité is where Paris began. For history of Paris, go to my page PARIS.

Looking at the island, I was thinking that it was a funny place to start a metropolitan community but the river was much wider during the Roman occupation. So, maybe the island was larger also? There were no cemented quais along the north and south banks of the Seine River so the bridges they built must have been longer too. I am just speculating though because I do not know what the size of the island was before and during the Roman occupation. 

In Copenhagen Danmark, you can visit Rosenborg Castle and its wonderful garden. This is a Dutch renaissance castle. It was built between 1605 and 1625. King Christian IV commissioned it to be built. He commissioned quite a few amazing buildings. There is a museum here and if you visit here, you will be able to see royal collections that date from around 1580 to around 1800. This castle visit should take 3 or 4 hours easily.

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I call my website Guide Book For Life because I intend to show and describe my experiences in order to offer some insight into what can happen when one wanders around the world when one has just begun to travel. Inspiration for others who have been traveling may also be found here because I did make some interesting mistakes in my life.. My travel and exploration in this world is really just a metaphor for the travels of the soul from immaturity to maturity to eternity (I hope.) This is a life long pursuit. 

My page PRACTICAL THINGS will include some small amount of what I go through when planning vacations. I use my trip to New York City as an example of how I plan my trips.

I call the site "What I See From Mountain To Sea" because I have no favorite kind of excursion, I just love traveling. I call myself "Addicted to travel and exploring". As my mind searches for new experiences in new places, my soul searches for the eternal bliss. Both of these journeys will be hinted at in this website. 

I would  like to share my experiences and thoughts while traveling. Maybe I can provide you with some examples of what NOT to do while traveling. I sure made lots of mistakes while traveling. There may even be a few things done right!😄 Actually, My complete story will be here eventually but it is a slow proccess to gather all of my journals together and include what may be useful to those who plan to travel to the few places where I have been (18 countries so far). I really hope I can give a few travel tips or inspiration from the experiences that I have had. I really love travel and I hope to share that love with others. I live day by day, remaining in a constant mode of survival. I believe the world is a manifestaion of Heaven so the more I explore THIS world, the more I should know THAT world.

I guess my website can be called:


Of kings and queens, of palaces and castles, of mountains and lakes, of hotels and restaurants, of a life long spiritual quest, all this and more will be found on this website. 


My website page "My Story In Poetry" will give some hints of this search which is a search for spirtitual fulfillment.

Let me apologize right now for my unprofessional, amateurish poetry and photography. I am attempting something here that I never learned how to do. I am just doing it. I guess this website is my amateurish attempt at a Travel Blog but it is just as much a description of my souls' journey through life as a whole. 

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