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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.


This is where we stayed while in Portland Oregon. We stayed here except for our first and last nights in Portland when we wanted  access to the free airport shuttle service between Crown Plaza Hotel Convention Center and the airport. There is the very inexpensive MAX light rail train that services all of Portland Oregon with three lines (red, green, and yellow lines) but we had plenty of luggage to carry around so the hotel shuttle service was much more convenient. MAX light train tickets cost $2.75 for a ride or $5.00 for 24 hours use. People often ride the trains for free because there are no turn stiles to go through and no ticket check points any where. I did pay because I think we should support a train system that helps us get around the city (even to the zoo, the  Japanese Gardens, and the planetarium) so efficiently. 

The Royal Sonesta Hotel is often rated in the top five hotels of Portland Oregon. The day after we left the hotel to go to Canada,we contacted them because Reno left his charger plugged into a socket in the room but the phone charger could not be found. When we returned to the Royal Sonesta Hotel after Canada, we asked them again if they ever found the charger. We were told that they did not find it and the housekeepers are very good at checking for such things. They also told us that they would be able to look in the room one more time. I was bringing our luggage from Rayhends' car into the lobby area of the hotel when Curtis, the hotel butler or concierge or whatever they are called here in the USA, found me and handed me two containers that had phone charges in them. There were cords in the containers that will charge any phone you may have. I am not sure what the job description of Curtis is but he was not working behind the check-in desk. I asked him how much the chargers will cost and he told me; "They are on the house, no charge". So there was no charge to charge (ha ha). He was out in the lobby and he was outside of the hotel. That is why I used butler to describe his job because that is what his job seems to be. Anyway, Curtis at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Portland Oregon made our stay there unforgettable. 

Arrived at our Royal Sonesta Hotel room in downtown Portland Oregon on Washington Street. This is a highly rated hotel within easy walking distance to Powell Books, Voodoo Donuts, and Mothers Bistro and Café

We are in the lobby of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Our older son is on his way to pick us up so we can drive up to Olympic National Park in northwest Washington state.

The entrance to the Royal Sonesta Hotel is at 506 SW Washington Street. This is a gorgeous hotel with a lot of vintage furnishings. I was only hoping for a restaurant where I could relax for breakfast but they do not have that. They have only a small restaurant that serves lunch and dinner from a small menu. It is called the Finch on Fifth gastropub. What they do have on the menu does sound good though. We just did not try it out.

Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland Oregon

Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland Oregon is in a fairly small enclosure but it is beautiful and it has several areas which all have their own symbology. This is one of the more authentic Chinese Gardens outside of China.

Here is one of the areas in the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. The various areas in Lan Su all have their symbologies represented. Throughout the gardens are the special stones that were imported from a certain lake in China. We can see one of those stones behind tbe cute potted bushes..

Another area of the Lan Su Chinese Gardens with happy fish in the pond.

Portland Oregon Japanese Gardens.

To enter the Japanese Gardens of Portland Oregon, one must climb a fairly long flight of steps. This photo is from the very first place you will reach after climbing the steps.

Here is a nice, traditional sand and rock garden that is used for meditation.

And of course, the Koi fish have to be present in the Japanese garden!

Olympic National Park Washington State USA

Some of the flora here:

Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce are two of the dominant species here.  These trees are often old growth trees that have grown to 312 feet (95 meters) high and 23 feet (7 meters) wide. Also in abundance are Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Big Leaf Maple, Vine Maple, Red Alder, and Black Cottenwood. 

Some of the fauna here:

There are so many species of animals in Olympic National Park that I can not list or even know all of them. Some of the larger species are Coyotes, Red Foxes, Bobcats, Martels, Canadian Lynxes, Cougers, Northern Spotted Owls, Roosevelt Elk, and Black Bears. How many of these did we see? We saw none and in fact, I did not see even an ant. I guess I was too busy admiring the old growth trees, mosses, and ferns.

While we were taking and making about 500 photos and videos within Olympic National Park Rain Forest, A very nice lady asked us if we would like a photo taken of us together and here is the result.

Farida kept complaining that she could not stop taking photos and videos. I must admit that I also had that same difficulty. I used up my cell phone gigabytes storage space between Olympic National Park and Capitano Suspension Bridge. Maybe I should get more professional equipment. I am not a professional so that is probably not going to be in my budget any time soon.

This Hall Of Mosses trail is an extremely accessable trail that ends just about where it begins as it is a loop trail and the elevation gain is only around 100 feet so this is one really easy trail. It is also extemely beautiful. Just go to the Hoh Rain forest visitor center and the path will lead to a junction with a sign. this sign will point to three different trails. The Hall of Mosses Trail will be the shortest trail. .

Here is one view from our hotel room at the Paradox Hotel Vancouver Canada.


Coal Harbour / Canada Place / Harbour Air Seaplanes.

There are videos of this seaplane tour on the page called MY VIDEOS.

Harbour Air Seaplane Tours:

Dave Perry is the Flight Operations Manager who has been with Harbor Air for over 10 years and he has flown thousands of flights. He says that one of the favorite destinations for flights is Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. To quote him; that destination is "obscenely beautiful". I guess I better google this place and plan a visit there some day.

Boarding the seaplane otherwise known as floatplane (Videos can be seen on My Videos page). We are embarking on an aerial tour above the Vancouver Canada metropolitan area.

The plane we boarded for our tour is also known as a floatplane. Harbour Air has about 40 planes. I do not know the types of planes except that Cessnas, Beavers and Turbo Otters are included in their fleet. I am guessing that we flew on a DHC-3-Turbo Otter because they have more than 20 of those in their fleet. .


Making a few photos on the Capilano Suspension Bridge. There is a free shuttle bus from the marina area where we met the seaplane to the Capilano Bridge. There are a few free shuttle buses from this same stop that go to various tourist attractions like the Whale Watching Tour.

Before we arrived at the Capilano Suspension Bridge, we passed an area that had several totem poles. Here is a photo with my family standing with some of the totem poles.

This is called the Capilano Suspension Bridge because it crosses the Capilano River which is 230 feet (70 meters below). It is 460 feet (140 meters) long and has existed here since 1889. As you can see, this is a popular attraction, with something like 1.2 million visitors every year.

The totem poles in the area were really made by the indigenous people of the region. They were carved at Kia'palano by the Coast Salish, Haida, Tsimsian, and Tlingit peoples. They were carved within a time period of about 20 years. Totem Poles are also known as Story Poles. Kia'palano is traditional, native land right next to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The name means "Beautiful River".