Travel Guide For Life;

What I See From Mountain To Sea; M.A.C.


"Travel brings power and love back into your life ."

Riding the dunes at 9 mile hill.

It is December 1991

After the Winter Solstice 

The days will now get longer 

Longer with each passing night 

Clouds are beautiful 

Clinging to the mountain tops

Clinging to the sides

Of  Sandia Mountain Range 

Drifting through the clefts 

Mountain upon mountain 

Drifting along the peak tops 

Floating along the slopes

Through the rugged canyons

Emerging, passing, creeping 

About Sandia Crest

About Tijeras Canyon 

The clouds and mountains 

Together are beautiful 

The abyss and the above

Both are keeping still 

Water above Earth 

Water on Mountain 

Some obstruction here 

Let the cold pass 

So that warmth may come 

Cloud bank obstructs 

In all its beauty 

Around about the mountains 

To overcome difficulties 

Dealing with the cold 

Seek the middle 

Yield to it with preparation 

Not trying to counteract 

Not trying to hide from it

But by proper preparation 

Stock up on the wood

Gather together all the wool 

Friends, warm clothes, work,

Hot apple cider, and stews.

These are your best tools

To ride the middle road 

Through the cold 


The coming of the warmth 

After the Winter Solstice 

Days growing longer 

Nights growing shorter 

Sun rises higher 

Higher into the sky 

Mankind is not free

Mankind is dependent 

On the ways of nature 

Mankind will turn inward 

When we must 

Can introspect 

To fully prepare 

Gather all we need 

To persevere 

Until the coming of the warmth. 







Hot air balloons can be seen in Albuquerque skies throughout the year.

Looking up Canyon Road in Santa Fe NM.

People so often do not see

What they see

People so often do not see

A man throws a piece of paper 

Out of the window of his car

The paper rolls into the weeds

It stays there for weeks 

The man passing by each day 

His eyes glance by it every time

And what does he see?

Anything except for 

That piece of paper.