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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.


"Nothing is more beautiful than death." 

(From The Clash Of The Titans).


(Quote of George Eliot)

Time is an abyss, profound as a thousand nights, centuries come and go, to be unable to grow old is terrible. That is not the worst. There are things more terrible than that. Can you imagine enduring centuries experiencing the same futilities each day? - From Nosferatu the Vampyre with Klause Kinski as Count Dracula.


And the dust returns to the earth as it was and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Voltair said:

To the living we owe respect.

To the dead we owe the truth.


To the world, you may be a billionare, a celebrity, or an icon, but to the angel of death, you are just another name on the list.

This is the only post you will find on my website that I did not create myself. I thought I had to add it because it expresses my belief about death perfectly. I just hope that the creators of this video do not ban it from remaining on my humble website.

Sylvia Plath said:

It may be that we find ourselves wanting everything when we get dangerously close to wanting nothing.

Cheated death again last week

Sky and clouds passing by

Until the landing on a road

Return to pain...

Death is certain

But can be held off

Take care, be strong

Persevere when death looms.



This is the grave site of Elisabeth Alexandrovna de Demidoff. She was Baronne de Strogonoff, born in Saint Petersborg Russia in 1779 and she died in Paris in 1818. Hers is one of the largest tomb monuments in Père Lachaise Cemetery. There is at least one story about this mausoleum being haunted by the spirit of the aristocrat. The story can be found in a book called "That's Paris" by various authors. It is an anthology of Paris related stories and the story that tells about this grave site is called "Le Chemin de Dragon" by Didier Quémener.

From The Stoics:

Day to day we distance ourselves from death thinking that it happens to others or to us and family far into the future. But the fact is that death is at our shoulders every day. It is an ever present fact of life. Today can easily be our last.

Erich Fromm said:

"To die is poignantly bitter,

but the idea of having to die

without having lived 

Is unbearable."


Also in Père Lachaise Cemetery is the grave site of Prince of Valache (Wallachia). Ghoerges Bibescu and his wife Princess Maria. He was born in Romania 1804 and died in Paris 1873.

Also in Père Lachaise Cemetery is this monument for those who died defending Belfort during the Franco - Prussian war in 1870-1871.


Death is a reminder of the value of life. Death is a natural succession to life. Seneca wrote:

"The act of dying is equal in all, death has no degrees of greater or less, for it has the same limit in all instances, the finishing of life.

Egyptian coffin on display at the NYC Museum of Natural History.

Here is an empty Egyptian coffin that can be seen at the NYC Museum of Natural History.

I do not know how the American Museum of Natural History NYC acquired so many Egyptian coffins but there are a great many in the collection here.

Roger Zalazny said:

"Death is the only God who comes when you call him."

In the Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 verse 27, it is written: "Death is certain for one who has been born and rebirth is inevitable for one who has died. Therefore, you should not lament over the inevitable.

This grave site can be seen near one of the entrances of Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

I spoke of General Foy on the Paris Page of this web site. This gravesite is in Père Lachaise Cemetery. He was a military commander under Napoleon Bonaparte I.

PSALM 115;17

The dead do not praise the Lord nor do any who go down in silence.


Living wisely is a means of avoiding regrets. Even death is not to be feared by those who live wisely.

Mary Catheren Bateson said:

The timing of death at the end of a story gives a changed meaning to what preceded it.

Constance André Say lived from 1816 to 1871. He was the son of Louis Auguste Horace Say who lived from 1774-1840 and HE was the son of Jean Etienne Say who lived from 1739 - 1806. Jean Baptist Say, the brother of Constance Say, was an economist and businessman who adhered to the French Liberal School of political economics.


If the day of Judgement erupts while you are planting a tree, carry on and plant it.


Every self will be tasting of death. And We try you with evil and with good as a temptation then to Us you will be returned.

Mr. Wright said:

"You think you have years left with someone, all the time in the world, and all of a sudden, you don't." 🤔