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What I See From Mountain To Sea; M.A.C.


"I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world."

At the Cheyenne Mountain Resort lobby.

Café Lush, downtown Albuquerque NM. The plate is called "Lusheladas". It is a cross between the traditional enchiladas and the traditional huevos rancheros.

Albuquerque NM Old Town Plaza.

On the east side of Albuquerque NM old town plaza, the oldest neighborhood of Albuquerque, is a shop called "Old Town Olive Oil and Vinegar Store ". This is where I buy my various types of vinegar. I sit next to this fireplace waiting for the shop to open.

Short 55 second view of our horseback riding tour with Cottonwood Cove outfitters southeast of Creede Colorado. 

Galloping at first and then walking. The good thing about the bridge is that my horse could not stop to eat here. 😄😄

We are sitting for dinner at the Mountain View Restaurant in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in south west Colorado Springs. 

Montmartre neighborhood of Paris

This is my favorite neighborhood of Paris. It gives the visiter one of the highest viewpoints of the city. Many aspiring and well known artists have lived a worked in this area.

Place Tertre, Montmartre neighborhood of Paris.

A few very good and long established bakeries and restaurants surround this square where many artists now gather to sell their on the spot art works. The art is very nice and quite sufficient for Paris souvenirs.

Fontaine Saint-Michel in place Saint-Michel in the Saint-Germain des près neighborhood of Paris.

Rosenborg Castle fountain. The grounds are very large with many trees and benches for relaxing underneath the trees.

This lake has benches along the foot path. We sat here for a long time. It is easy walking distance from the Christianshaven neighborhood of Copenhagen Danmark.

There is no video clip yet

The legend says that Holger Danske never died. He was a viking hero who is said to be sleeping under Kronborg castle until he wakes up to defend Danmark during any time of great threat. He was Ogier the Dane who was a fierce Viking warrior. William Shakespear called Kronborg castle " Elsinore" in Hamlet. While walking through the cellars of the castle, we did not find the sleeping hero but we did find this statue of him. Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan is the sculptor of this statue. Holger Danske is mentioned in the "Songs of Roland " which is an epic poem that describes the battle of Roncevaux in 778 BCE. Charlemagne (Charles the Great), Pope Adrian I, and Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok were ruling at this time. Hans Christian Anderson is among the authors who spread the rumors that Holger Danske never died.

Danmark includes visits to many castles. This is the courtyard of Kronborg Castle. In Hamlet, William Shakespear called the castle Elsinore.

Hey Hamlet, wherefore art thou? Oh, wait a minute, I think I am mixing up the Shakespherian plays!

In Roskilde, Danmark. A former royal residence. You can google, Roskilde Royal Mansion. It houses an art museum now.

Small chapel at the Malmö Castle in Sweden.

Pappadeaux in Albuquerque restaurant row.

Pappadeaux is an upscale Louisiana style restaurant with an excellent menu and very good wine selection. They also have a full bar.

Time is relentless #2

Time is relentless
Time always flies by
Time never looks back
With time it is never
Fare thee well
With time it is always
Good bye...