Travel Guide For Life;

Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

Freaking cold ... New Mexico snow ... Quite quiet ... What do the birds do?.


"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."


So many rainbows in their world. But I, all too often, forget the rainbows . 

All too often, rainbows exist only through water with light . 

But for them, rainbows exist in the water itself, in the air, on the grass, around our heads, or the head of a dog.

Oh, they are so beautiful, sounds come to them in the purest form.

Colors are so much more alive for them, they live in a world of rainbows. 

Touch keeps them engrossed for hours. 

They live in a world of spontaneous relations. Relations of discovery that is never ending. 

In a world of multifarious sensations.

We have all too often been pulled from this world of rainbows. Let us not pull the children from it too.




Photo taken on the pedestrian mall in Ballerup, Dänmark.

So many hotel rooms 

I lose track 

We travel far 

Or travel near 

It's in my blood 

I have no fear 

And only hope 

The next day will be 

A good one with 

A good place to see. 


The shadows keep me moving farther down and farther east. To keep cool I follow them. There is the cultural and there is the universal in all teachings of the world. Pick up the universal, follow it, from west to east until the return to west. And from east to west until the return to east. Still appreciating the developed techniques of the cultural.


Namaste Shanti Viśno


Pace del Dios contigo 

Pax Deorum vobiscum 

Te Shanti Krishno 

Sat Siri Akal 

It all means the same thing 

May God's Peace be upon you. 

Went to buy peanuts and crackers at Manuel's Food Market today. The lady, who is about 80 years old put my purchased items into this Bag. She has probably been working at this old neighborhood store for the last 65 years.

Lo siento, Elena, 

Por las cosas malas 

Como la frustración 

El dolor 

Las palabras malas 

La impatiencia 

Gracias al Cielo 

Por las palabras buenas 

El amor que siento por ti 

Los juegos 

Los besos 

Las cosas buenas 

Las cosas que aprendí de ti 

Duespués del todo, 

Me convertí en un hombre nuevo 

Gracias a las cosas que aprendí de ti. 





Sculpture in downtown Albuquerque. It is on the corner of third Street and Tijeras Street. It is called "Street Society" and it was created by Genna Goodacre.

I do believe that this is Ojo Caliente but no sign on the side of the road that says "Ojo Caliente" and it was dark and I believe that I drove the 18 miles from the last indicator sign of so many miles to the next town and there are a few houses here as well as a mercantile store and a gas station that stays open until 8:00 in the evenings so it is a place that deserves a name thus I parked at an abandoned house next to the merchantile store to take a bath and wash some clothes but surprised that I still got 104.1 FM from Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the radio well I had not gotten all that far yet down the road.

So I was right.

Ojo Caliente goodbye.

Hot springs round about.

Decided not to stay.

To try them out.

Beautiful area, easy driving.

Getting to Colorado.

First stop, Alamosa.

Stopped for water.

Asked easy route to Salida.

"17 north to highway 285"

Myself and my 1963 schoolbus.

With the 302 Ford engine.

Just lumbering up the highway.

In Hooper, a nice rest.

Cooking up some Malt-O-Meal.

With raisins and honey.

A little Latin and away we go.






A view of the above photographed sculpture looking toward the east.

So many hills in South Dakota. 

Rolling up and down.

Very slow traveling.

Finally stop to rest at Crawford, Nebraska.

Meeting two Lakota Sioux.

Needed a ride to Rosebud.

They give me four dollars.

I take them within eight miles

Rosebud, eight miles to the south.

I do not want to do.

So we sit and wait.

And they sit and drink.

They, mother and son,

Speaking Lakota and broken English.

I want to drop them off.

To continue a little more toward the east.

They want me to take them

The eight miles south.

They drunker and drunker.

I waited and waited.

Finally the son gets out.

Walks off for good.

The mother drunker and drunker.

Me waiting and waiting.

Finally she sits up looking

"Where is the toilet"?

I tell her, " In yonder house,

Your son is there too."

A few minutes later she gets out.

I turn around to drive east and arrive

in Oakcreek for the night.




My home and my transport for about three years.

What we need is another day.

Oil leak could be expensive.

Water leak, new hose.

Enough already, a tow.

A little labor $46.

I must make up for this.

I can think of ways.

Fixed radiator leak.

With some brassy putty.

Keep pouring the oil.

Which is often quite free.

Quite often quite free.

Finally reached Minnesota.

Highway 71 north.

Close to highway 10 east.

Hibbing finally in our sight.

What we have is another day.



This sculpture of a former Senator from Albuquerque is at the south east corner of Albuquerque civic plaza.

I need my bus,It is my home.

Not going far; no brakes.

Sheep ranch, place to park.

Place to live for a time.

Towing company not too strict.

Employee agrees to give my bus.

It is my home I said.

New friends will tow, they have a ranch.

A mechanic is there he does not know.

Not only sheep, not only herbs.

A mechanic is here and a place to sleep.

Fix the brakes to hit the road.

Should not be too long to leave the Great Lakes.

One week passed.

Two weeks passed.

A third week passed.

They must want me here.

After one month.

"Brakes will be fixed".

Six weeks passed.

We finish the brakes.

After obtaining a wok.

And Krishna tapestry.

We say our goodbyes.

I drive east.

Away from Ashland, Wisconsin.

And the NAPA building.


Woke up tried to start the motor still would not start went up the hill looking for a paper and to call AAA ran into an old friend from two and a half years ago we went to his office he showed me some of his manuscript Lorenzo or Larry is his name ate some watermelon went to UMC on campus AAA will be at the bus in one hour AAA arrives the starter not fastened down it lost a bolt starter now fastened down and off we go 

A Mackagens we shall go Larry dropped off at his place we hit the road the bus and I say goodby to Boulder Colorado been here two days too long behind schedule pushing it finally to stop and rest in Scotts Bluff area all night until 6am

Stranded in a small town.

Burnt brakes got me down.

Hard to write these words 

Sometimes feeling conquered.

In the raw cold night

underneath small candlelight.

Walking two miles to town.

Leaves yellow and brown.

32 degrees farenheit.

Starting to feel alright.

This is a lovely space.

Harsh and blowing on my face.

Frozen icicles in my hair.

Mid October Ashland, Wisconsin air.


Walking along the country roads, sounds of the rushing stream, sights of the lovely lake, beautiful yellow leaves. Life worth living still, The touch, taste, aromas, sights, thoughts...





Sitting on the side of the road, in the same county! Some kind of Karmic connection to this area, must get out. So...walking along an old road in Michigan, the city is Ironwood, look up to the sky at the sound of geese honking towards the south, flying in formation, three "V"s flying south. I call up to them, "We are following you down. We are working on it. Right behind you we are following you south. But we are a little slower, being more dependent on the surface of the Earth." Writing these words on an old bridge. On an old, closed down, worn out bridge. Sun going down on Ironwood. Waiting till I too can start heading south. Most wonderful are those geese not so dependent on the surface of the Earth and old buses as we.

Sitting at the foot of Hiawatha reading the Zend Avesta. Srosh Yast and Rashn Yast. Thinking of old friends. And where we should now, where we should be. Who is to know why, why we are where we are now. If it were but for the Will, we would be in Traverse City. But we must feel a little contented for here, at the foot of Hiawatha, is as good a place as any to be.

No brakes no lights traveling across Upper Peninsula Michigan between Ironwood and Ishpeming realized that the new belt would not solve the electrical problem but I kept driving anyway and at night fall realized that I should be lucky to reach Ishpeming driving quite slowly at night with no headlights depending on the small yellow parking and overhead lights quite relieved to reach a small truck stop just twelve miles west of Ishpeming and now hot chocolate and sleep.

Finally made it to Ishpeming!!!

Realizing that it would only be a matter of jumping the bus' engine and driving in daylight to make it the 12 miles still needed to arrive in Ishpeming, I decided to sleep at the truck stop until dawn.  Although I had lost only the front brakes (I lost the back brakes while driving towards Ashland) and although I still had the use of my parking lights and the overhead lights, it was still a hair raising and stomach knotting experience driving to this truck stop.  Thanks to the protection sent down from Heaven and the light from a beautiful full moon on this Halloween Eve night, my arrival into Ishpeming would be assured.  In the morning, I got the engine of the bus started and also found out that the electrical problem was just a loose wire that should have been connected to the regulator but in fact was not.  Bus started, wire connected, we were on our way, back on the road, just 12 miles to drive to Ishpeming and new front brakes!!!

Travel can sometimes be a  chore. It can get quite troublesome. Trying to keep my bus fixed. In shape for the road. This I admit as I sit. At the Bahai temple I sit. In Willemette, Illinois. I do not want to return to the bus. Feeling content right here. Nice view here, relaxed. Under the huge, rising into the sky dome. Interlaced, white stone. So white. Such a relief and blessing. Invigorating enough. So I may hit the road again. I do love traveling of course. I can get worn out. With falling snow. Snow in North Wisconsin. Snow is in Michigan too. Bus giving occasional problems. Can wear me out. 

But the skyscrapers of Chicago.

As seen traveling north on Lake Shore Drive. 

Were extra phenomenal. 

Fantastic to drive through. 

And Lake Shore Drive to Sheridan,

Also quite exquisite. 




Streeterville neighborhood. 

Chicago Illinois. 

Northwestern University. 

First University skyscraper

In USA; Ward Memorial.

Slept there that night. 

Too chilly to explore 

All of the campus

What I did explore, 

Was quite nice. 

Majestic buildings of 

Ripe old age.

Lovely fraternities. 

Lovely sororities. 

Walking up Sheridan Avenue, 

Looking for the Bahai Temple. 

Left Evanston 

Found a large white house. 

Another building 

And the high, large dome.

Emerging majestically 

In the corner of my eye.

As I continue to sit here,

Here now, I feel great.

Soon to be ready

For the road again. Sun is shining. Surya.Tonatiú. El sol.








I should take a nap.

Six hours of sleep 

For each night is good.

But sometimes I get less.

So I should take a nap.

Chicago ISKCON temple

Three weeks of kirtan.

Amongst downtown skyscapers.

Saint Louis ISKCON temple

Ten days of lectures by me

On Ganga and mantra.

In Chicago walking the streets

Little India neighborhood.

Brownstone buildings.

Tall black glass skyscrapers.

In Saint Louis, a campus.

University near the temple.

Saint Louis University.

Lindel to Father Biondi SJ Way.

Walking the campus 

Students with concerns,

Concerns of studies.

Myself with my own 


The devotees like me. 

They want me to stay.

I must be on my way.

It will get cold here.

Too much snow I fear.

Memphis, invitingly close.

A building by Loews. 

Loews State - iconic theater.

The bus is about ready. 

Let us hold steady.

The road beckons again.

So I put down my pen.

The weather is fine.

Driving south so the sun 

will continue TO SHINE.






Photo taken during snow fall in front of the Isotopes Baseball Park in Albuquerque.

Sometimes something must go right.

We need some things to go right.

Being hit by too many wrongs.

Too many hurts, sorrows, pains, mistakes.

How much can we take?

I am stuck, I am stuck.

Unless I just leave.

Leave my stuff.

Go to Mexico; go to India.

I can hitch-hike into Mexico.

Must fly or sail to India.

Live there and get married; 

Forget all else.

Career, Spirit, magic.

What can provide relief?

What will give protection?

From all pains, hurts, sorrows, obstacles?

Money, Christ, Krishna, Thelema?

Why here?

What is the purpose?

There is a reason.

There is THE reason.

What else?

Life and experience.

That may be all there is.






The sun is going down now.

Burnt orange and purple on the clouds.

Sitting here and wondering.

Will I get a job?

Broke down east of Brinkley.

Blew out the motor.

A job in Brinkley, Arkansas?

Brinkley does not offer much.

Half way between

Memphis, Tennesse and Little Rock.

Maybe 4,000 people living here.

MAYBE. that many.

Railroad town, rice is grown around.

Ivory-billed woodpecker too.

But still, I should get a job.

Reading Srila Prabupada

Thinking about ISKCON 

One can move into a temple.

And live there till death.

I should get a job.

The sun is going down.

Knowing it is not permanent.

Sitting here and knowing.



Driving south along the Mississippi.

One of the longest rivers.

In USA and in the world.

From Lake Itasca Minnesotta.

To Gulf of Mexico.

Sleeping in rest stops 

And towns along the way.

Also known as "Old Man River"

To us, it is 2,320 miles long.

To others, 3,730 kilometers.

Must read "The Confidence Man"

By Herman Melville.

Mississippi is the setting for the stories.

Have read "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

By Mark Twain.

This river is the setting for the novel.

I did not reach the full extent of the river.

I turned west at Memphis, Tennesse.

Another year, drove with family.

between Memphis and New Orleans, Louisiana.

I have now seen it,

To its full extent.

But at this time,

There is no family.

I am alone.

Not to be married for another 3 years.









A painting of Paris and Helen. The artist was Jacques-Louis David and he painted this in 1788. One interesting thing about this painting is that the caryatid statues in the background are replica images of caryatids that already existed in the Louvre Museum that were created by Jean Goujon. This is considered as a Neoclassical style of painting. The complete title of the painting is "The Loves of Paris and Helen".Of course, the story of Paris and Helen is taken from the mythology of Homers' Iliad.

I feel just like that drowning man

who is being punished by the authorities

he is being dunked under water

until he is on the verge of death

then he is being pulled up; out

out of the water into the air

to gasp a little breath of air

then dunked down under again

without any real, sufficient relief

I feel just like that drowning man

drowning in this material condition

grasping for a little, insufficient relief

maybe our plans have to be wiped out

wiped away clean, like a clear slate

be like that drowning man

then begin anew, fresh, and rebirthed

BUT DROWN! Leave the old behind

walk away with nothing except for

Body and Self

DROWN! Then walk away new...





Do not change the world. Do not change just for me. Do not change a thing for me. No one has ever begged me to be in their dreams. So I am going to California with flowers in my bus. Life just is. Joseph Campbell wrote about people being the eyes and ears of the world and how we can see the Divine Radiance in the "world of sorrows ". Travels help me to see how everyone is the same, we all have the same needs and ordeals. We are all living souls existing here. We must learn to see the Divine Radiance everywhere. Of course, we do not have to travel to do that. I think I come closest to that insight when I am at home watching my cat. Just looking at her with no thoughts about how naughty and spoiled she is, just looking at her. Divine Radiance in the world of sorrows indeed.

The above photo is of a sculpture of Roman emperor Augustus which can be seen in the Greek and Roman antiquities section of the Louvre Museum. He was the first emperor of the Roman Empire and he was ruling when Jesus of Nazareth was born . It was during his reign that the PAX ROMANA was initiated. Before his rule as emperor, Rome was a republic. His name was Gaius Octavius until he became known as emperor Augustus. Julius Caeser was his maternal great uncle but he was assassinated in year 44 BCE. Julius Caeser had adopted Gaius Octavius as his son and since Julius Caeser had no legal sons, Gaius Octavius was his legal heir.

          And now to continue with MY story:                           


I am not responding to the dogs.

I am not barking back at them.

I am not bothered by them.

I feel too good, rather aloof.

Can't put the feeling into words.

I am not  really a poet.

But we think big thoughts.

Like the poets do.

But we feel big feelings.

Like the poets do.

But I can not quite write.

The words just right.

Like the poets do.

Yet we do hope big hopes.

Like the poets do...







I found this interesting sculpture in the Louvre Museum. The black sculpture in the background is a Roman copy of an ancient Greek sculpture called The Old Fisherman.

I am learning patience.

That is what I will remember

Brinkley, Arkansas for.

Aquisition of patience.

Brinkley Arkansas, small but inviting.

Swampland - larger mosquitos.

     than I have ever seen before.

Catfish and little audacious children

Many African American - many German.

Patience...all job.

Patience, waiting for the job

Waiting for the sunshine.



I must quickly extract this barbed wire from my mouth

This red, grey, rusty barbed wire from my mouth

The taste is of rust, cold metal, in my mouth for so long.

Two strands of red, grey, rusty barbed wire in my mouth

I MUST be here, I am meant to be here

What is the purpose of my having to be here

I do not know but once the barbed wire

Once bracing my head from the left side to the right

Then appearing in my mouth red, grey, rusty barbed wire

When removed from my mouth, then I will know

Then shall I know what the purpose of my stay 

Here in Brinkley, Arkansas might be.



So sad she is. "It is just another day." We never have to say, as long as we are in such a different and interesting place. We never have to say, "It is just another day."

This is a four star hotel. It has been open since 1902. It would cost about $115 for a double bedroom. I found this building as I was walking around Downtown Colorado Springs. Looks like a classic building for a hotel ..😃

David Byrne and Brian Eno,

David Bowie and Brian Eno.

Fripp and Eno.

Talking Heads.

Tangerine Dream, Heldon, SBB.

Klaus Shutze, Manheim Steamroller.

Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, King Crimson.

Sonic Youth, Siouxie and the Banshees.

Jethro Tull, The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

These are the core reason

That I cannot just leave behind

My music collection just yet.

Cannot sell nor give it away.

Add to these, the Indian and Arabian,

Greek, Reggae, and Indonesian Gamelon.

Bob Marley? Leave it behind? No way.

To this music I have an attraction

I can not forget about it just yet.

This is not enough to continue

dragging my music collection

everywhere I go?

Then add to these,

Laure Anderson, Donovan and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

Jimi Hendrix, The Clash, and BB King.

Simon and Garfunkle, The Doors, Rolling Stones.

Led Zepplin, Marvin Gaye and the Marshell Tucker Band...







It is great living in Brinkley, Arkansas.

Everybody says I speak with such an accent.

They ask me where it is from.

Where are you from?

From where is your accent?

But I think it is because,

Not that I speak with an accent,

It is because rather,

The people down here in Arkansas,

It is THEY who speak with an accent.




Thousands and thousands of small, black birds.

Flying fast to the west and in circles.

I am here watching them, stunned for

never having seen this before,

in all the places where I have lived,

Now I see that many small, black birds

can be flying to the west and in twisting circles

Thousands and thousands of them

twirping and flying fast towards the west

and in large, twisting circles as I watch 

Half an hour, maybe more I watch this

flying and twirping on and on.

Thousands and thousands of small, black birds.

Over Brinkley, Arkansas.





Japanese Gardens...Portland Oregon USA...Water Trees and Fish

I look up at the trees.

I see leaves on them.

See how fast time has past.

Last time I really saw,

And noticed the trees,

There were no leaves on them.

Now there are leaves.

Very many and very green.

The grass also.

Very green and very lush.



Town hopping

Stuffed up gas filter

stuffed up radiater

rotting away-hoses leaking

torn hoses-hoses with holes

burnt points

vacuum hose clamp loose.

Not the ideal conditions

for town hopping.

But the town hopping 

is interesting in itself.

It is always interesting.

It is a thrill

to see the different parks,

architecture, museums,

places to eat and sleep.

A thrill to meet people

from different cities,

states, countries.

The world is too beautiful 

to not be in love with it.

State to state,

country to country,

A world too varigrated

not to be in love with it.

The world IS wonderful








Yes, they are correct.

There is only one true religion.

And all the others are incomplete.

And err to some degree.

The one true religion.

Not found in a building.

Not found in an organization.

It is a spirituality.

Of Love,Truth, and Kindness.

It is found within.

Found within the spiritual ones.

Those who actually practice.

Who have found and practice.

Love, Truth, and Kindness.




I feel good about myself.

Spent the day by myself.

In solitude.

Spoke to only one person yesterday.

Spoke with him in the street before I disappeared.

Went to the woods and spent the day in solitude.

For the first time since Canon City.

Gained some strength.

Gained peace of mind.

A difference in my attitude and thoughts is clear.

Sitting by the Lake Green Lee.

Saw the otter swim by the bank of the bog.

Ducking down into the depths.

In order to escape my presence.

Otters swimming in circles in the lake.

First time I saw this not in a film.

It is wonderful to spend time in solitude.

Gaining my strength and peace of mind.




It is a little white box in the middle of Clark Street between Maple and Whiteoak in Brinkley, Arkansas. There is no yard to speak of and the sidewalk from the street to the house is broken up bad. Inside, the house looks smaller yet, not at all large enough for the 7 children and the mom who lived there. It is a closed in box. The mom is never there and neither is the oldest daughter. They are always in the streets. The daughter with her boyfriend and the mom going to The Hole In The Wall Tavern or at Eds' Cafe trying to hustle up enough money to buy a ten or twenty spot of crack to smoke up her brain. One can not blame the oldest daughter for not staying in their home for she is 15 and beautiful, she is bored and needs friends, food, a clean bathroom. I can not enter the bathroom in this house, surely could never use it. Cloths piled up a foot high, ka ka in the toilet because the sewer pipe is broke with cockroaches running all over the walls, sink, tub, in the cloths on the floor. The refrigerator is empty except for ice water in the freezer and rotting meat in the fridge that they want me to cook but it smells in the place where it still sits. The cabinets are bare except for a lot of spoons and a box of cornmeal with a bag of sugar for making corn bread. It must still be good because the cockroaches seem to be enjoying it. Sometimes the children will be provided with bread and bologna or fruit and chips. Everybody sleeps close together in the living room on another pile of clothes because that is where the two fans are and mom's room is covered with more clothes that are dirty, no ventilation because the windows are broken and covered with plastic. I try to be their friend and lift them up a little but they have been down so long and so hard that I seem to make no progress at all so I will stay away for awhile, a couple of days, and see if they come looking for me, if they do I will help them for a few more days then disappear again because it is so depressing that no progress seems to be there.

Little Puma on couch, her favorite spot.

The cat walked through the light.

The cat walked a slick curve.

The cat walked into the darkness.

The cat walking through the light.

The cat walking the slick curve.

Walking into the darkness...

Sat and stared.

I stared back.

Had to smile.

There is something there. 

Behind those big, round, orange eyes. 

Probably from Heaven.




I need you to stay and be my roommate for one more year.

That would help me out a lot. 

Stay for one more year?

Do you know how hard that would be?

Fly to Indonesia, Plenty of money I have.

Take a boat to Malaysia; to Thailand.

Walk up the Ganga; up to Gangotri.

Disappear from there...


Driving west on 38 just past Des Arc, Arkansas 38 separates and heads west from 11 south I now feel that I have broken away from Brinkley for good Brinkley is now history to me as well as the work mates, church mates, mechanics, and pig farms Zela Mae Nancy and Pam A. these too are history but will always be remembered. Having walked up and down many a lonely town and a few lively cities, both large and small all over this turning world colleges and universities, city parks, homes, streets , clubs, people happy and people stressed, people wanting something else in their lives, we all do don't we?

The above  photo and the photo below are from the Petit Palais Museum 

In the Petit Palais café.

Lost in the rain in Paris- not far from Opera Garnier- no umbrella- standing under a balustrade- of a quaint corner shop- joined by two ladies- who DID have an umbrella- but the rain was heavy- when the rain slowed down- the ladies moved on- noticed two Police officers- patrolling on foot- not knowing the direction- we approached the officers- "Pouvons nous poser une question?"- showing the hotel reservation- pointing to the address- "Quel itinéraire pour arriver ici?"- Had to listen carefully- answer was in French- understood just enough to hold in mind- where to turn left- at the fork in the road- passing La Rotund- the start of Rue Saint-Lazare- seven doors further- Voila we did arrive- Hôtel Langois- Belle Epoque- two lights above- each side of the door- buzzer button to push- door clicks open- we entered- first night in Paris- City of Lights...


This is the case with 

     Fleeting corporality.

Things break down , they rust,

     They disintegrate. 

Things disappear, they spoil,

     They separate.

Know this and do not 

     Become attached. 

Know this and care, take care

     But remain aloof.

Throughout life this will be,

     Remain grounded.

Expect this in all

     Corporal things.

Then no grief will arise,

     Maya will slow down . 

One takes it in stride,

     Retains a calm mind.

Love of higher things 

     Will be felt.

The wrath is subdued,

     Love rises out of the mire.  





We stayed at the Tower Motel on our last night of our Colorado vacation. It is half way between Colorado Springs and Albuquerque and it is on the highway so we stayed there. Smoking ganja is allowed in one of the wings of the motel and I requested a room in the wing where smoking is NOT allowed but we could smell the aroma of ganja from our room so I am not sure if we were placed in the right wing of the motel...😀🤔

Photo of the Tower Motel sign at night. It can be seen clearly from interstate 25 between Trinidad Colorado and the state line of Colorado and New Mexico.

Ducks can not eat oranges.

Which have not attained to their naked form.

Yaks, unicorns, and owls often oscillate underhandedly. 

Whenever industry of invasion leaves them loveless.

Shall or should holy apostles love less?

Be energized, be energetic?

Theosophers are heretics of enigma. 

Wilderness havens only lure those who endure the law of lack.

Obviously the fortunate theorize and tally theorems heatedly and heartily even while the less affluent wither away or wallow in pain.



People watching and boat watching at Øresund Sund.

Cultivate a creative attitude. 

Identify with the primal energy. 

With the Consciousness of creation.

Maintain this creative attitude 

Which puts us in touch with the 

Source of our being

In order to evolve and 

Overcome physical limitations and bondage.


Dante as displayed in the Petit Palais Museum. This fine sculpture was created by Jean-Paul Aubé in 1879. The Petit Palais Museum representatives acquired the sculpture directly from Jean-Paul Aubé at his art studio.


Dust in the winds of history 

That is what my life has been 

What has my life 

Done for the world 

What have I contributed 

To our society 

I have my family 

That may be the sum

Of my legacy 

As for me

Dust in the winds of history 

Little owls

Vouchsafed energy . 

Impervious to

Sin or sorrow . 

They had teleported 

Heavenly helicopters 

Evenly through ethers.

Love and Leisure 

Almost always have 

Withdrawn from willful war. 


Oratories remain 

Vile to 

Ears of lovers. 

Unicorns and owls 

Nourish Dead Energy 

With living Reality.

Willy nilly

And wantonly 


Lies leave the 

Lips of lovers.



Wise in Truth plain, not a fairy tale, reward and payment due, not a bogey frightening all to do good not ill, karma is what a man is, cause and effect truly is still there, and so it is in an instant to the next, not the retribution of a deed done, not the reward of some deeds done, but the impressions of experiences had, but the results simple that rise, tat twam asi...this is that, this comes of that, this that all of that, karma; karma is all that one is, a result of all of ones experiences, shaped and directed by ones Will, shaped by ones Volition.


A lady approached me 

With a Culgerand.

She showed it to me 

(not sure what it was)

"A monetary unit 

....from Africa".

I said to her.

"How much can I get for it?"

She asked from me.

"About ten of our dollars."

I said to her.

She gave it to me

And asked if I could it.

Of course I would 

She gave it to me 

And I went to the bank.

So strange it was 

I arrived at some boulders and

....not the bank. 

Very large and very high 

I had to climb them 

I had to cross them

I had to pass them 

Much time and difficulty 

I had in doing this

I finally got to the top 

....Only to see

The long climb down

Then a flooding river 

It was raining hard there 

The river was fast and deep

I would have to swim it

I would have to cross it 

I would have to pass it

But much chagrin I felt

I could not overcome 

I could not conquer;

The Culgerand changed into 

A red rubber ball

It dropped out of my hand 

Down the rocks and into 

....the river. 

I had to follow it down 

Passed a girl that greeted me 

I had to swim down 

Passed a man who greeted me 

Kept on swimming 

Kept meeting the same 

....girl and man.

They were searching for 

Someone or something

I was searching for 

Someone or something

The rain kept falling 

The water kept rushing 

Sometimes drowning 

Sometimes floating 

The search continues. 



All ways there are obstacles 

To the manifestation 

Of Will.

To manifest into realities 

Our ideas and Volition 

We must constantly 

Wade through an obstacle course 

In this material world 


Tired we often get 

Of this physical condition 

Śiva destroys it 

Brahma brings it back anew 


And in the meantime 

Us biting through...


If the biting through 

Brings relief and success 

By progressing through 

The obstacle course 

Of material life 

Grace will bring peace 

Grace will cause calm 

Grace will provide rewards 

Continue on 

We are biting through 

Many more years 

Many years to come 

But Grace is often felt 

Grace will always be there. 











Namaste  Narashrimhaya

I hear an avalanche 

Praladahad Adayane 

There is a cute girl 

Driving a cute 

Economy type car

She does not know 

That the rock fell

From the grating 

To produce 

The avalanche effect.

Hiranyakasipur vakshaya

She just turns down 

The other road

Without realizing 

That the rock fell 

And caused a short

Avalanche of about 

2 seconds in duration. 

The red, round rock fell upon

The pile of similarly

Red,round rocks which

     several of the several 

       thousands of red, round 

Rocks slid one or two inches 

Along with the primary 

Red, round rock which did the 

Initial falling from the grating.

Sila Tanksha Nakhalayay 

The cute girl in the

Economy type car 

Just drove down that other

Road without knowing 

Of the avalanche effect. 

I do not know the name of

That other road upon which 

The cute girl in the silver 

Economy type car drove down      and then disappeared upon.

It is just another road

In Santa Fe along which travel 

A pair of railroad tracks 

And trains.

Ito Nrishimo Parito Nrishimo 

I am walking along the pair

Of railway tracks 

It is much more peaceful 

Than walking along the

Fully traffic flowed roads.

It is good relaxation 

Walking along the pair of 

Railroad tracks with an 

Occasional jogger;

This lady I recognize 

As having been jogging 

Here one time previously. 

She must be a regular. 

She must like this place . 

She must like to jog.

Yato Yato Yami Tato Nrishimo 

While I walk along these rarely 

 used by trains railway tracks 

I check out the buildings I pass

Some businesses, some houses

A gravel pit, people passing, 

Now a dog. Same dog

Walking along the other side of

 rarely used by trains railway      tracks 

Sometimes I am chanting 

Bahir Nrishimo Hridayay Nrishimo 

Now same dog barking in yard of house

Silver sun shining on Railroad tracks 

That still  run in pairs but are rarely traveled

   upon by trains and silver       sun shining 

Also on windows of houses; Cloud Cliff Bakery.

Sometimes open, sometimes closed 

The laundry is always open; 24 hours a day.

Nrishingham Adim Sravanam Prapadyai

I wonder where that cute brunette girl was driving to

In her cute little silver economy type Japanese car.

I wonder if she knows where she is going to. 

Tava Kara Kamala Vare Nakhum Adbuta Sringam.

I wonder if we know where we are going to. 

Sometimes we think we know where we are going to but sometimes not.

Dalita Hiranyakasipu Tanu Bringham

Nara Hare Rupa Kesava Drita

Jaya Jagadisa Hare.

Jaya Jagadisa Hare 

Jaya Jagadisa Hare...

The monkey was 

Intertaining the 

Children who were 

Hot and happy as

An afterthought 

Which was appropriate 

To the eventual 

Falling of the leaves.

The Anglos, aglow with

auric amor

Will nevermore be heard 

With telepathic telling of things 

To the haughty though heavenly 

And openly notorious Yaks.

Philosophic philanthropists


Insidious and infirm

Lovebirds with laurels 

Openly singing and orando.

Coastal clam digging by

Faithless caretakers who 


Hastled and haggled 

Inspired insurrections 

In Ionian estates.





















Lo siento, Elena, por las cosas malas. Como la frustración, el dolor, las palabras feas, la impatencia. Gracias a Dios por las cosas buenas. El amor que tengo para ti, los juegos, los besos, las palabras dolces, las cosas que aprendí de ti. Después de todo, vengo a ser nuevo hombre. Gracias por las cosas que aprendí de ti.

Learning better to take my time 

With all things in my life 

The more I read 

The more I travel 

The younger I feel 

Let us shoot for 

120 years of life 

120 visas in passports 

120 of both to do 

A whole lot more 

I have no worry no stress 

     no hurry 

120 years 120 visas

Enough whatsoever 

     in doing them. 



Cannonville, Tropic, 

89 to Hatch 

The driving difference 

Between Colorado and Arizona 

Is that in Colorado 

You will drive up and up 

Until you reach the top 

And then you have to 

Drive down again. 

And in Arizona 

You will drive down and down 

Until you reach the bottom 

Then you have to 

Drive up again. 


Went to visit her...she was not a message...for her this year...then must suffice...Sorry I missed you...Redress for the mess...see what might happen...or you may not see...The life of travel...the travel of life...Resist to exist...Where to go next...IN DO NE SIA?

I was so astounded and flabbergasted by the exquisite beauty of Southern Utah I almost melted into the Earth in ecstatic bliss but I did not want to crash the van so I continued to drive slowly while looking at the same time driving slowly up and down the winding narrow switch back road and the amazing orange views as far as the eyes could see.

Gold street and 3rd, downtown Albuquerque.

Time is relentless 

Keeps passing us by 

Does not look back 

Time is constant 

Constantly wears me down. 

Time is consistent 


Flies right by

Time does seem to fly 

Until we no longer 

Know time.


Wisdom comes from life itself....Not from teachers and books....Our reading and traveling....Brings experiences....To enjoy....And aquaintances....Also to enjoy....But to rid ones mind....From the onerous facts....Gotten from books....Or from what we were told....And to lap up....The flavors of life....Is to gain....REAL WISDOM 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🦉 Reading my poetry for the first time in public A very interesting experience it was As I was reading I began to think I did not write this so very long ago I remember when I wrote it The time and the place Thinking those thoughts almost messed me up Hoping that I do not mess up In front of the people. Time is relentless Time always flies by Time never looks back with Time it is never fare thee well with Time it is always "Good Bye"..