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A partial shot of a rather nice ceiling in the Louvre museum and a passageway into another room below. Not all of the ceilings in the Louvre Museum have murals added to them but very many do. And the murals that ARE there are magnificent so visitors there should never forget to look up at the ceilings and be amazed. Make sure to enter the Apollo Gallery to see a wonderful ceiling of a gold gilded fine art by such artists like Delacroix. Another ceiling, with birds on it was painted by Braque. There is even a ceiling that was painted by an artist who was born in USA! His name is Cy Twombly and he was the first artist from USA who had one of his art creations permanently added to the Louvre collection, let alone to one of its ceilings!! Georges Braque was the last painter who had added a mural to a ceiling in the Louvre (1953) but now Cy Twombly is the latest. His ceiling is very different from the murals of the classical styles such as the one in my photograph here. His is a contemporary piece of art that clashes with the classical art which is generally found on the Louvres' ceilings. It seems that the management of the museum want to expand out into the contemporary world.