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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

Every year we visit Paris, we go to Rue Cler to buy clothes. I always buy the same pair of Mephisto shoes at the Mephisto store there. Rue Cler is quite a famous market street in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. This photo was taken the year when we came here to buy my shoes and a good shirt for my son as we were walking to the Eiffel Tower to eat lunch. The Eiffel Tower is very close to Rue Cler and it takes only 10-15 minutes to walk the distance. There are not only shops there but also you can find cafes, an ice cream stand, and boulangeries. Rue Cler is pedestrian with a very limited area for the delivery vehicles to park. You can even rent an apartment around Rue Cler, shop in the markets, then make a picnic in Champs de Mars which is located only 10 minutes walking distance. Another 5 minutes would take you to the Eiffel Tower. Amorino is there. That is one of my favorite ice cream shops of Paris. You can buy flowers, books, fish, meats and cheeses for charcuteries or for sandwiches and recipes, Mariage Freres teas, fruits and vegetables, chocolates by Francois Pralus, wines, Italian products, organic cosmetics, crepes, breads, and my favorite Mephisto shoes. Mephisto shoes are all hand made (every pair) by master shoe craftsmen and they have a wonderful and comfortable fit. That is why I always make sure I buy the same type of Mephisto shoes each time I visit Paris. The shoe shop is called; Chaussures Magfred and it is at 49 Rue Cler. A La Mere de Famille, which is my favorite chocolate shop of Paris, is also here. There are also the FranPrix and Leader Price supermarkets here for basic products for daily needs. Locals commonly shop on the street as well as the tourists and they often shop here Sunday afternoons after they go to the nearby Saint Pierre du Gros Caillou church. That is why it is good to arrive early in the morning on Sundays to beat the crowd of locals who shop and eat here. I guess it is quite obvious that I live Rue Cler.