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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

I was out on one of my morning photo walks and had to take this photo because the steps looked lovely to me as they led to the intriguing hexagon shaped building above. After I later researched this location, I found out that the building used to be a water tower for the Montmartre neighborhood πŸ˜€ Even water wells are intriguing in Paris πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ This stairwell is at 8 Place Jean-Baptiste Clemént. It is the location of an old fountain. In fact, it is called Fontaine de L'ancien Reservoir. I approached this location via Rue Norvins then turning southwest on Place Jean-Baptiste Clemént. There is a garden on top of the hill and even this walkway has many lovely flowers on both sides of it that bloom in spring. I was here too late for the flowers.