Travel Guide For Life;

Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

Before I met Farida, I used to travel for 3 months every winter to get out of the Colorado snows. Countries that stayed warm between December and March were ideal for me. In 1991, I was wondering where I would travel to next so I went to my favorite neighborhood bookstores to look at guide books. Yes, I often decided on my vacations that way. I returned to Borders book store and Barnes and Noble book store several times and spent hours looking through guide books. After about 3 months, I found the guide book that inspired me to make a decision that would change my life. I bought a book written by a British author who wrote about his journey from Bangkok, Thailand down through Malaysia and Indonesia as far as Bali. With this guide book, I started planning my 1992 vacation...
I bought the guide book that describes a journey from Bangkok to Bali, thinking that this would be a great excursion for me. I spent about six months planning the trip fully expecting to follow the entire route. The trip went great through Thailand. I spent about two weeks in Bangkok. I stayed in a homestay that does not allow guests to bring in overnight dates. I was more interested in visiting the famous temples of Bangkok. I spent time in many of the temples I saw. The two most famous temples that I visited were Wat Po and Wat Arun. Wat Po is the Royal Temple complex and Wat Arun is the very tall, elaborately decorated temple that can be climbed, up a spiral, outside staircase where some of the best views of Bangkok can be seen. I loved traveling up and down the Chao Praya River on the large ferries, medium sized ferries and the speed boats. The large ferries take people across the river. The medium sized ferries take people to several stops along the river, on both sides of the river, like a river bus. The speed boats take people to the specific point on the river they need to go to. I would walk from the various piers to the destination I had in mind that day. I never used city buses or rickshaws, or bemos.
After two weeks of this, I went to the train station to find the correct train to Malaysia.