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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

A close up of a building in downtown Colorado Springs CO. This is in the midst of the shopping and dining district located on North Tejon, North Nevada, and Pikes Peak Avenue. This is the Lennox building that houses the Albany Hotel. Downtown Colorado Springs has been very nicely built up as an artistic district with restored buildings, parks, sculptures, and many boutique restaurants and shops. There is also the Pioneers Museum and Fine Arts Center in the neighborhood. For nightlife, there are many breweries, dancing venues. There is also the Pikes Peak Center for concerts. Tejon Street and Nevada Street are wide and tree lined as are several of the streets running through the downtown area. Downtown Colorado Springs was designed so that a visitor could easily spend a whole day or more just in that area. My wife and I did just that for a couple of days while we were visiting Colorado Springs, but then, we were in central Colorado for 12 days. There is even a 100% gluten free restaurant. It is Coquettes Bistro and Bakery. My favorite restaurant in the downtown area is about 3 streets northeast of the central downtown area on Dale Street and the name of the restaurant is Dale Street Bistro Cafe. It is run by and elderly Asian couple and is a real gem of gourmet cuisine. It is in a house that has been restored and decorated to look like a museum of art works. Poor Richards bookstore cafe is an iconic place that has existed here for many years. It is at 320 North Tejon and specializes in used books (always in good condition) and great food. Oh, the Albany Hotel that is located in this photographed building is not an ordinary hotel. It is more like a boarding house where one may live for a month or longer under strict, structured conditions. I photographed the building because it is my favorite building in downtown Colorado Springs.