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Travelers' Trifles or What I See From Mountain To Sea by M.A.C.

Within the town of Hellerød, Danmark one will discover this beautiful castle. The grounds are so expansive that we spent 2 hours walking through the gardens and around the lake. This does not include the time inside the castle museum. This is Frederiksborg Slot. "Slot" means castle. it is the largest royal, renaissance residence in all of Scandinavia. King Christian IV commissioned its construction around 1650. Before this, there was a castle here that was commissioned by King Frederick II so I guess that is why this more recent castle is called Frederiksborg Slot. It stands on Castle Lake and has a huge Baroque royal garden. Really, the garden is gigantic and very well maintained (fit for kings and queens but accessible for all of us). The chapel in the castle still exists as it did in the time of King Christian IV. The Danish kings and queens are anointed there. The Museum of National History is also housed in this castle. I costs 75 Danish Kroner for adults and 20 Danish Kroner for children.