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Dôme des Invalides is the location of Napoleon Bonaparte and other interred famous people from French history. This is also called the Dome church because it was a royal chapel built between 1677 and 1706. Hôtel des Invalides is another name of it. A visitor to France will soon find out that the term "hôtel" is not necessarily a place for visitors to sleep. 🤔 This is one example of "hôtel" referring to a large building of some significance such as a museum, mansion, or city hall (as in the case of Hôtel de Ville".) The Museum of l'Armée, which is a military museum is also here. Besides Napoleon Bonapartes' remains, there are also family members and war heros interred here. The next photo will show an example of a war heros' tomb. Some people interred in this mausoleum are not here in entirety. Some are here only at heart. 😌🌹🌹... Only their hearts are here. The architectural style of the mausoleum is Baroque. 129 Rue de Grenelle 7th arrondissement is the address.